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Another World - 1973 Intro + Act 1

The intro and first act from a 1973 episode of the classic soap opera, Another World.

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Another World - Rachel & Ada Argue (1981)

Rachel (Victoria Wyndham) and Ada (Constance Ford) argue over Rachel meddling in her son Jamie's life. (1981)

Another World - March 19, 1979

Scene featuring Susan Harney as Alice Frame and Brian Murray as Dr. Dan Shearer.

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Antonio & Gabi (Sunset Beach)

Father Antonio Torres & Gabi Martinez
(Sunset Beach)

Portrayed by Nick Kiriazis & Priscilla Garita

Some photos courtesy of Velda Rosen via Facebook

A Martinez Nude

A Martinez
(Falcon Crest; The Yellow Rose; Santa Barbara; L.A. Law; General Hospital; Port Charles; One Life To Live)

Texas: Rikki You're Special

Texas: Rikki You're Special

Rikki and Ruby take their relationship to the next level. clips from episodes #274 and #275

Texas: Ricki Dekker Sings

Ricki Dekker Sings (Texas)

"Resident Texas hunk Ricki Dekker sings at The Coop. I added this clip in case anyone was interested in hearing him sing. Not sure of his vocal talent, but he sure is easy on the eyes. Enjoy :)
Clip from episode #266"

The Official History of Another World

The Official History of Another World

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September 1979 Soap Summaries (Part Two)

Courtesy of French Fan at SON.

Guiding Light

Written by: Bridget & Jerome Dobson
Produced by: Allen Potter

Rita's old flame Greg Fairbanks arrived and sexually tempted her. Lucille reminded Brandon that he dropped her after she agreed to raise Amanda, who is actually Alan's daughter, although Alan doesn't know it. Amanda snared Ben in a Washington motel, but assured him it's a no-strings relationship. The French patient's bullet wounds healed. Alan and Hope grew closer to each other on the island. Ross handled Jackie's legal affairs and showed a physical interest in her, and in Amanda. Floyd was a bit jealous that Mark seems smitten with Lainie. Rita realized she has problems with Ed. Lucille refused to tell Ben and Amanda why she visited Brandon, bat approved of their joint trip together.

Holly slugged Gail, who insisted Holly be her prison "slave' after Peter nixed having an affair with Gail. Alan softened under Hope's influence and they made love on the island. The mysterious French patient is undeniably Roger, who had flashbacks of Holly shooting him and of arranging with Dr. Moreno for a “fake death”. Rita resisted Greg and consulted with Sara about handling her sexual problems with Ed. Lucille admitted to Amanda that she and Brandon once had an affair, but didn't tell her the rest of the story. Mike gave up the search for Hope. Floyd felt "haunted" in Roger's old apartment. Brandon refused to tell Lucille who Amanda's real mother was.

Roger was released from the French hospital with his “new” face. Alan and Hope were rescued. Alan learned that Jackie had miscarried. Jackie and Mike were suspicious of what transpired on the island between Alan and Hope. Holly refused to be Gail’s prison slave, and Peter feared for Holly’s safety. Lainie canceled a date with Mark after Katie returned and admitted she’s crazy for Mark. Ross snatched a kiss from Jackie while inspecting the Wexler property. Eve and Rita argued about Rita being tempted by Greg, and Rita was stailed from admitting her sexyal inadequacies to Ed. Moreno and Alan refused to help Ralph financially.

Lucille refused to summon help for Brandon who passed away after whispering the name of Amanda’s mother in Lucille’s ear. Alan suspected Lucille knew something about Brandon’s death. Hope told Mike she was leaving town to avoid further contact with Alan. Mike made Ross a partner in his law firm. Katie realized Mark may have been spending time with Lainie. Justin and Elizabeth made plans to marry next week. Alan learned Dr. Moreno had moved leaving no forwarding adress.

Alan followed Hope to London. Jackie was upset to see Alan and Hope's photo in a London newspaper. Roger also saw the photo. Ross learned Amanda will inherit valuable stocks from Brandon and made a play for her. Lainie's become very attracted to Ed.

Love Of Life

Written by: Jean Holloway / Ann Marcus
Produced by: Cathy Abbi

Steve noticed that Vanessa had the blahs after a trip with Bruce. She realized Steve is interested in her. Kim told Tony that he fathered a child that she gave to a priest in order to get the baby, Tron, out of Vietnam. Wes agreed to marry Gina if he can ditch her once the baby's born. Bambi was upset by Tony's strange behavior but Paul consoled her. Mia kept Betsy's messages from Ben.

Gina went into convulsions after taking a home remedy to induce abortion that Christie gave her. Tony and Kim couldn't find anyone to help locate Tron. Kim stood in the shadows and wept during Bambi's wedding rehearsal. Wes had the guilts for reneging on marrying Gina.

Bambi went into a trance and Paul hospitalized her after Tony ran from the wedding. Tony ran to revive Kim who tried to gas herself to death. Ben and Mia succumbed to their desires. Betsy showed pregnancy symptoms. Amy got sweet with Steve.

Tom and Meg spent a night togethen while Liane resisted Andrew’s advances. Elliott and Betsy’s divorce hearing is set for next week. Paul saw Tony with Kim. Van sensed Steve’s attraction to her while Amy moved in on Bruce. Ray said he’d see Wes before pressing statutory rape charges against him on Gina’s behalf.

Paul told Bambi that Tony and Kim Soo Ling left town together. Bambi remembered that Tony had loved a Vietnamese woman who saved his life. Kim and Tony searched San Francisco for their child.

One Life To Live

Written by: Gordon Russell & Sam Hall
Produced by: Joseph Stuart

Brad went after Karen but she didn't report the rape because of Jenny. Samantha and Mick got along famously, but Tina decided she wants a piece of Mick's action. Karen drowned her sorrows at the River Rat, then injured a stranger’s lecherous paws. Katrina guessed that Karen was raped and Brad hustled to keep Katrina quiet. Dorian had Gretel take over Pat's tv show since Pat's ill. Maggie teased Adam that she had a scheme to reunite him and Pat, but Maggie intended to snatch Adam for herself. Ed convinced Edwina not to write a yellow story on Karen, who refused to confide in anyone, especially Will.

Joe learned he's deathly ill after asking Becky and Richard to return from Paris. Maggie acted nicey-nice to Pat but fantasized stealing Adam. Joe rehired Edwina who realized that Gretel is her competition for Herb's affections. Dorian hired Ellen, Mario's former fiancee, who noticed that Mario didn't remember where they planned to spend their honeymoon. Fran was upset that Mick is breaking training because of Samantha. Mick reluctantly agreed to do a health spa commercial for Dorian. Mario questioned Brad about Karen who retreated from everyone.

Joe tried to tell Viki that he’s terminally ill but was stymied because of their anniversary. Tina complained to Joe that she lost Mick to Samantha. Matt realized the game Maggie was playing with Adam. Tina made a date with Jamie, who’s in cahoots with Judd who is vengeful since Tina once jilted her. Ivan comforted Faith that hed never allow “them” to take her away. Brad laid into Peter for getting too close to Jenny. Karen slipped that she had reason to despise Brad. Brad’s pawnbroker informed Brad that Jenny’s ring and pearls have been sold.

Mario beat up Brad after realizing that Brad raped Karen. Adam caught onto Maggie’s schemes to win his affections and moved back to New York after bidding Pat farewell. Becky Lee arrived in town but Richard’s still in Europe. After Kevin’s third birthday party, Joe told Viki that he had but a few months to live.

Dorian returned from a cruise. Joe lost his vision. Clint Buchanan agreed to take over Joe's editorship at the Banner.

Ryan’s Hope

Written by: Claire Labine & Paul Avila Mayer
Produced by: Claire Labine & Paul Avila Mayer

Jill and Frank overheard Rae and Seneca discuss their schemes to keep Jill and Frank apart. Roger flared at Dee for interfering in Nancy's and Pat's relationship. Pat got drunk over Nancy and Adam. Joe introduced Siobhan to a godfather-type pal, Mr. Novotny. Jill cancelled her San Francisco trip, now that she and Frank are reunited, but Rae swore vengeance.

Rae pretended to give up Frank to Jill gracefully, but secretly convinced Seneca not to file an alienation of affection suit until Rae comes up with a better scheme. Adam admitted his love for Nancy who ran to Pat. But Pat is convinced he and Nancy are washed up unless they marry immediately. Johnny questioned Joe about his reputed crime-lord uncle, and Jack investigated.

Johnny warned Dee to button up for taking credit for Pat and Nancy’s bust up. Rae arranged with reporter Lewis to take compromising photos of Jill and Frank. Roger was arguing with Dee about neglecting their home when he was called to tend Tom who fell and had an attack. Joe’s Uncle Tom told Jack the crime reputation has been manufactured by the press.

Tom checked into the graveyard while Roger feared his wrong diagnosis of Tom’s head injuries caused his death. Delia’s commodites broke. Dan Fox informed her taht her stocks are on a downhill slide. Rae sent Jack a list of her contacts who nominated Frank to the Senate planting another copy in Jill’s files. Johnny worried Siobhan and Joe’s affair would reflect badly on Frank’s career.

Frank told Jack he knew nothing about illegal campaign contributions and such, then confronted Rae who denied sending Jack the letter. Joe told a bewildered Siobhan that he had to stop seeing her.

Search For Tomorrow

Written by: Joyce & John William Corrington
Produced by: Mary-Ellis Bunim

Travis went running to Italy after David told him something mysterious about Renata. John overheard Stephanie chew out Ted for not keeping Todd away from Wendy. Janet refused John's request to call a board meeting about Ted gambling stockholder's money on oil deals. Tony (Antonio) led David to a village where David found Renata’s birth records. Helene plotted to take advantage of Carolyn's blindness. Lee urged Sunny to have more fun in her life and that be can provide it.

Helene used sleeping potions and voodoo dolls to bring Marc and Carolyn together and thereby ruin Marc because of Gary. David found Renata working at a Catholic hospital and convinced her to meet with Travis about her "secret." Jo maintained separate bedrooms with Martin in New Orleans. Eric returned and cautioned Wendy about rushing into sex with Todd. Ted refused to sell his oil leases to Lee and Janet warned Ted about using company money without her approval.

Mignon’s detective photographed Travis having a suggestive “reunion” with Renata. Helene convinced Mignon she could use her psychic powers to keep Liza away from Travis. Todd returned to college after Wendy insisted they couldn’t sneak around and they split. Jo admitted to Martin that theur vacation together was a thrill. Lee made it clear to Sunny that he wants an affair. Travis had David take Renata to Henderson and keep her presence a secret until she can claim the “name that’s rightfully hers”.

John demanded Stephanie call for Ted’s resignation after telling her Ted’s oil investments with Collins money could go bad. Tante Helene gave Carolyn hallucinogenic drugs. Liza was convinced Travis wanted to marry Renata after she saw Renata in his arms.

Travis told Liza that Renata was his sister. He said that Mignon would be destroyed if she knew his father had stayed in Europe with Renata s mother, letting Mignon think he'd died during the war.

The Young And The Restless

Written by: William J. Bell
Produced by: William J. Bell & John Conboy

Lorie accused Lucas of trying to kill Lance by sending him to revolutionary Santo Domingo. Derek thought Suzanne is drinking heavily and ran to tell Jill he'll always love Jill. Kay finally "appeared" in front of Brock and admitted she's pretending to be dead to uncover Suzanne's schemes. Nikki fretted that Greg doesn't want to start a family immediately once they're married. Leslie returned and Lorie realized she's concerned for Lance's welfare.

Kay admitted to Brock that she's so grateful to Liz for showing her a different way of life since living "undercover” Stu thought she should give Derek his freedom to run to Jill. Nikki was so moved that Liz accepted her as a future daughter-in-law that she told Paul she couldn't see him again, even though he admitted his love. Lorie convinced Leslie to stay with Lucas so that he won't have reason to feel antagonistic toward Lance.

Greg and Nikki honeymooned in their new apartment but she fretted about their finances.

Chris kept her pregnancy to herself after learning she'd come in contact with one of Snapper's patients who had German measles. Chris hasn't had the childhood disease. Jill demanded the house and half of everything Stu owns as a divorce settlement.

Derek told Lorie that he was remarrying Suzanne. Chris left town to think but didn't tell Snapper she's pregnant and has no immunity to German measles.

September 1979 Soap Opera Summaries (Part 1)

Courtesy of French Fan at SON.

All My Children

Written by: Agnes Nixon and Wisner Washam
Produced by: Agnes Nixon and Bud Kloss

Frank invited Betsy to Donna's party after Nancy turned him down. Eddie took sexual advange of a drunken Brooke, but she later told him to scram. Charles and Mona laughed that Phoebe’s been acting the saint while she's secretly playing around with Langley. Phoebe had a fit when Paul announced he's divorcing Ann, who had flashing memories of him in the sanitarium while plotting an escape. Myra cried after overhearing Nina talking to her mother's portrait and Palmer warned Myra never to mention his wife to Nina. Kelly claimed she's suffering from narcolepsy but Myrtle and Joe knew better. Tom's surgery was successful. Brooke told Mark she's pregnant. Kelly had nightmares that Linc ditched her after Eddie squealed that she’s a speed freak.

Ann escaped from the sanitarium and arrived on Phoebe's doorsteps. Nina put her foot down about Cliff to Palmer. Chuck leveled with Charlie that there's no hope for Chuck and Tara, and Charlie returned to Washington. Kelly struggled to resist her pill habit while dating Linc at a posh social function where he ran into an old girlfriend. Phoebe agreed to invest in Langley’s oil deals. Phoebe kept Ann hidden although she realized Ann's still living in the past. Brooke admitted she's not absolutely sure she's pregnant, but wishes like all get-out that she were. Nancy and Frank argued about his abuse of visitation rights with Carl.

Brooke’s pregnancy test was negative. Erica was miffed to find Betsy giving Tom a hospital back rub. Benny and Edna returned from a honeymoon in the Poconos. Claudette laughed at Eddie’s notion that he can catch Brooke romantically. Langley's marriage proposal to Phoebe was prompted by his plans to get her money. Phoebe swore him to secrecy about keeping Ann hidden. Edna called Estelle a tramp when she spotted Benny and Estelle during an innocent meeting. Wally and Betsy warned Erica to tell Tom about her disco. Myra refused to do Palmer’s dirty work in keeping Cliff and Nina apart.

Ann disappeared after searching for Paul and overhearing him and Ellen discussing their romantic ties. Myrtle told Linc that Kelly was having a breakdown after Kelly went bananas in front of Linc. Kelly has had a bad drug reaction. Eddie was put out that Brooke is only interested in sex, not his love. Myra suggested Nina see Cliff when she's at school to avoid Palmer’s wrath.

Palmer hired detective Bernard Raab, who found Cliff's former girlfriend Janice Rollins in Chicago, then tempted her with money to help break up Nina and Cliff. Erica accused Betsy of having more than a clinical interest in Tom.

Another World

Written by: Tom King
Produced by: Paul Rauch

Eileen moved back with Rita and steered clear of Joey after admitting to Morgan that she had lost her virginity to Phil. Clarice tipped off Jamie that Elaine planned an abortion. He rushed to Blaine's side. Kirk's company is in financial straits and he urged Iris to persuade Mac to sell Cory Publishing. Kirk's detective, Murdock discovered that Janice had once been kept by a guy named Howard. Murdock continued tracking down dirt on Sylvie also. Frank wasn't enthused that Janice wanted him to write an article about the plight of Vietnamese children. Mike thought Karen was bonkers when she insisted that Ted was alive. Iris feared that Vivien would return to the farm after Viv's mother died. Larry decided to enter the police academy. Sally taunted Eileen about knowing about Eileen and Phil. Paul learned he can get an annulment if Rita knew she was barren when they married.

A very-much alive Ted kidnapped Karen, who realized he's bonkers. Iris threatened to squeal about June and Jeff unless June left Kirk free to dally with Iris. Sylvie was outraged that Kirk tracked down her sister Myrtle, since the ladies never saw eye to eye. Blaine and Sally became roommates. Sally plotted with Phil to get Eileen out of town while Joey’s working in Boston where he planned to check out Serenity House. Rachel was confused by Mac's jealousy of Frank and decided to spend a few days at the artist colony. Kirk conned Iris saying he only wants to help Mac's company. Jamie wants to be responsible for Blaine's baby but doesn't want to marry her because of Cecile. Murdock discovered a scandal surrounding the death of Janice's former lover. Charlie courted Ada now that she's rid of Fred.

Myrtle told Kirk and Sylvie that she’d reveal a secret about Sylvie to the highest bidder. June agreed to put up a divorced front with Kirk but only until he got Iris’ vote at the Cory stockholders’ meeting, then Kirk must dump Iris. Rita confessed about lying to Paul before their marriage about her infertility. He insisted the marriage must end because he loves Rose. Frank searched for an Asian child whose photo he carries. Mike and Ben rescued Karen from Ted’s mad clutches. Eileen insisted to Joey that Phil didn’t do anything to make her want to leave town. Kirk blackmailed Sylvie about her alcoholism and threatened to squeal to Iris if Sylvie continues to side with mac. Frank was upset that Rachel lent moral support to Mac over Kirk’s takeover schemes. Gwen assured Mac that Willis would stick by Mac if he puts Willis on the board of directors.

Phil pressed charges against Joey who beat him up after Sally told Joey that Phil had sexually conquered Eileen. Karen and Mike headed for a new life and a wedding in Florida while Ted was committed to a prison for the criminally insane. Kirk learned from Myrtle that Sylvie had been sent to prison where she gave birth. Sylvie returned to New York after saying goodbye to a tearful Iris. Joey skipped town after patching things up with Eileen. Jim overheard Sylvie threaten to kill Kirk if he ever harmed Iris. Ben followed Karen and Mike to Florida. Rachel refused to spend a night in Frank's bed.

Kirk left Iris at his mountain retreat not knowing June was there, too. June pulled a gun on Iris but she wouldn't kill her. She's going to wait for Kirk to destroy Iris.

As The World Turns

Written by: Douglas Marland
Produced by: Joe Rothenberger

Hester stood in the garage shadows as Grant borrowed Lisa's car. Grant was injured in an accident and suspected that Bennett had tampered with the brakes. Jay warned Matt not to get hung up on Melinda who is still married to Beau. Ian admitted to Barbara that he used her to get closer to Dana. Alex departed on business after he and Val returned from their honeymoon. Val reported a missing ruby stickpin, but Tom remembered spotting one of the wedding caterer's assistants, Sheila, guiltily hanging around Kate's room. Ellen's in a funk about Dan and Dee doesn't want to return to an out-of-town school. Marcia admitted to Jeff that Doug's lost interest in her and is bait for another woman.

Grant raged at Lisa for giving Ben nett a fake alibi. Ian claimed he's throwing in the towel and arranged a divorce meeting at a lodge with Dana. Sheila was arrested for theft and Tom was appointed her lawyer, although he admitted to Barbara he doesn't trust Sheila. Ralph lamented to Jay that he's sure Mary loves Don but she won't back out of marriage because she's too decent. Ralph began making Mary suspect he hasn't reformed from his playboy days. Tom got Sheila out on bail but the police found more jewelry in her locker. Valerie went to Ecuador with Alex, but will return, leaving him there on assignment until the spring. Dan prepared Emmy and Betsy for his death. Bennett realized Lisa's not sure she trusts him now.

Ralph saved Grant from a “fixed” elevator accident after Grant was knocked unconscious by a masked person. Bob and Dana realized that Dan tricked Dana into going to the lodge, although his lawyer already canceled out. Melinda began to enjoy Matt’s attentions. Tom asked Don to take Stella’s case since she reminded him of Natalie. Grant hired a bodyguart after considering that Bennett had put a contract on him.

Kim and the children moved in with Ellen and David while adjusting to Dan's death. Lisa moved into the Inn. Bennett accused Lisa. Ian presented Barbara with a contract to do his record album cover.

Bennett refused Lisa's offer to live in Oakdale giving her a week to return to the inn. Mary and Ralph broke off their engagement. Dan told Mary that they must face their feelings for each other.

Days Of Our Lives

Written by: Elizabeth Harrower
Produced by: Betty Corday & H. Wesley Kenney

Doug fell for Lee's sympathy act and offered financial support after he inherited Byron's estate. Julie refused to see Hope. Bill dined with Maggie during Mickey's absence. Linda hired an investigative firm to tail Stephanie. Julie promised to keep mum about Stephanie being Brooke unless Stephanie hurts Bob. Steve paid court to both Mary and Lee until he learned Lee is poor as a churchmouse. Alex flirted with Maggie. Amanda had pregnancy problems after learning that her baby will legally belong to Greg even if it's Chris' child. Jordan helped Julie psychologically at Linda's urging. Mary asked Bob to hire Steve. Don became a city councilman. Chris rehired Mike at Anderson’s thanks to Margo.

Amanda was rushed to the hospital and must have a therapeutic abortion. Simpson came for his canes with the smuggled diamonds, and Steve flared at Maggie for unwittingly selling one to Tom and one to Trask. Marie admitted to Tommy that she had a disastrous affair before she entered the convent. Julie reminded Jordan of a woman he once loved and lost. Alex let Stephanie know that he's aware of her real identity. Steve retrieved Tom's cane but Trask went to Europe, and Steve failed to convince Trish to give up her diamond supply. Lee gladly accepted Doug's invitation to live under his roof. Greg arrived and learned from Tom that Amanda may have a malignancy. Alex told Phyllis he's not the marrying kind. Donna returned from Hollywood. Julie finally saw Hope and realized the child isn't repulsed by Julie's scars.

Steve intimated that Maggie and Bill are up to no good after they dined together. Cathy Breton joined the hospital cafeteria staff. Greg agreed to divorce after Amanda had a hysterectomy. Jordan convinced Doug to leave Julie alone after she got hysterical because Doug bought her a house, which she refused to accept. Since Lee is moving in on Doug, Steve expects to be her partner. Marlena learned that Samantha has a kidney problem. Trish rebid her diamonds, them was threatened by Simpson. Trish asked Margo to return the diamond she had loaned Margo to pay Earle. Maggie found Simpson in the shop and a gunshot is fired. David asked Bob for a transfer because of Stephanie.

Maggie was questioned by the police after Simpson died of a gunshot wound inflicted during their struggle at the shop. Steve pushed for a job at Anderson Manufacturing. Phyllis warned Bob that Stephanie may be out to take over the company – and Bob. Jordan warned Doug not to contact Hulie who agreed to another skin graft.

Amanda returned to Chicago with Greg leaving a bitter Chris behind. Margo returned Trish’s diamond to her not knowing Earle had substitued a fake.

The Doctors

Written by: Elizabeth Levin & David Cherrill
Produced by: Doris Quinlan

Greta nixed Billy's marriage proposal and he skipped town. The cult moved into Lisa's hospital room while Steve and Carolee tried to convince Lisa to leave the group. Far Wind put a curse on Steve indicating that if Far Wind lost "a child" so would Steve and Carolee. Kim rubbed it in to Missy that Luke doesn't have a choice about Kim becoming a club partner since Evan would take him to court.

Stephanie came under the influence of Far Wind and the cult. Luke borrowed from a loan shark to keep Kim out as a partner. Matt fretted about a threatened nurses' strike. Steve and John tried to de-program Lisa. Nola couldn't stand living with Barney and moved back with Mona. Carolee was in the dark about Stephanie and didn't want Steven involved with Lisa's problems because of the cult's threats.

Viveca Strand, a hospital commission inspector, didn’t want to recommend Colin’s cardiac unit because of Hope Memorial’s financial problems. Kim left town after Luke and Nola bought the remaining share of the club. John lamented to Greta about his troubles with his wife; then snatched a kiss. Nola taunted M.J. by giving Colin a photo of Jessica, which M.J. realized is Colin’s child.

Maggie warned Greta not to get involved with John since he’s still married. Barney was injured when the stove blew up at The Medecine Man. Lisa manipulated Carolee and Steve into letting her recuperate in their home. Mike treated Mary Hopkins, an overworked housewife. Madison Memorial’s fate rests with Viveca’s recommendation to the governor on the hospital’s efficiency.

Steve gave Nola until the end of October to move out of Mona's house. Carolee and Bennett searched the rubble in a house vacated by Far Wind.

The Edge Of Night

Written by: Henry Slesar
Produced by: Erwin Nicholson

It was revealed that Tobias is really Mickey who assured Paige he didn't want to kill her. But, Mickey slashed Tobias and arranged with gang member Zack to set up Steve and Paige for a hit Sarah and Raven slapped each other around over Elliott, then Sarah warned Logan that his wife is cheating on him. Nola went on a bender after overhearing Owen tell producer Eddie that she's washed up. But, Owen finally consented to direct the horror flick with Nola as star. Logan asked Draper to arrange Logan's adoption of Jamie.

Owen spotted Paige kissing Brian and reminded Brian that Paige is his real sister, not his stepsister. Mickey (Tobias) shot Zach because Mickey truly loves Paige. Steve recognized Mickey’s gun as the one that Joey had when Steve killed him and realized that Mickey had switched a toy gun for the real thing. Logan went on a campaign trip but Raven claimed she had the flu so she could rendezvous with Elliott. Eddie admitted he's always loved Nola.

Raven blamed Geraldine for having Logan return unexpectedly and fiding Raven and Elliott in the sack. Cliff was jealous that Owen is sparking up to Deborah and telling her he doesn’t love Noa. Bill rehired Steve. Logan prepared to fight for Jamie’s custody after he called it quits with Raven. Owen and Eddie planned to film the horror film in Monticello. Brian told Paige they are brother and sister and she agreed to run away with Mickey (Tobias). Mike and Nancy learned that Margo arranged for Draper’s New York job cancellation.

Steve cornered Mickey who jumped out of a window to his death while trying to escape with the money from his South American gun-running escapade. Raven left for London after putting April and Draper’s names on an adoption form for Jamie. All charges were dropped against Paige who confessed that Mickey was really Tobias.

Actor Trent Archer arrived in town and Nola planned a pre-production party for "Mansion of the Damned." She's invited Deborah whom she knows Owen is seeing on the sly. April said she'd divorce Draper if he helped Logan get custody of Jamie.

General Hospital

Written by: Pat Falken Smith & Margaret DePriest
Produced by: Gloria Monty

Laura warned Amy not to get interested in Luke. Joe, Jeff and Steve headed for Mexico where Carol is hospitalized. Mitch told Tracy he couldn't live with her since the mob might hound him about Ted's death. Tracy spotted Mitch coming on to Susan. Amy blabbed to Scotty that Laura got a job at the disco. Alan found Amy admiring his house, then consoled her after learning her father had died. Monica and her unborn baby's condition improved. Dorrie told Howard it is over between them and packed her bags. Lesley investigated whether Mrs. Kakorian had a history of heart trouble.

Cal died but not before he told Jeff that Heather knows the truth about Steven Lars. Mrs. Grant realized the game was up and beat around the bush to Peter about knowing of an illegal adoption. It finally dawned on him that she was trying to explain that P.J. is actually Steven Lars. Anne won temporary custody of Jeremy who suggested she marry Jeff. She vetoed the idea although she's been drawn closer to Jeff. Luke comforted Laura about her stepfather's death. Laura and Scotty argued about her job schedule. Bobbie avoided one of her ex-johns who's a patient. Monica returned to Alan, although the baby may have heart problems.

Peter had a coronary after Mrs. Grant revealed the P.J. / Steven Lars story. Bobbie and Roy were upset when Barry Johnson recognized her in the hospital. Lesley’s reports on Mrs. Kirkorian’s previous ailment couldn’t be proved. Rick and Monica were forced to confide to Howard about their night together after Mrs. Kirkorian’s surgery. Luke and Roy worried they’d have to eliminate Mitch to prove their mob royalty. Joe admitted his love for Ann, who asked they married.

Dorrie returned to England. Bobbie told Jessie she had once be a hooker. Peter died before he could tell Jeff about P.J / Steven Lars but he left Diana a mysterious letter. Kirkorian refused the hospital’s settlement so Rick and Monica prepared for a court battle. Monica returned to Alan upon her hospital release and accepted Amy’s offer to move in and help out during her recuperation.

Alice blamed herself for Peter's death because she told him about P.J.-Stephen Lars. Diana made quick plans to take P.J. to visit her mother in Florida.

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Daniel Cosgrove in tighty whities

Daniel Cosgrove in White Briefs

(Guiding Light; Dirty Sexy Money; Beverly Hills 90210; All My Children)

from Van Wilder (2002)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Reunion on Amity Island: Part One

Reunion on Amity Island
Part One
Featuring the representations of:

Kevin G. Schmidt as Noah Hunter
Marcia Cross as Bree Hunter
Bryan Cranston as Walt
Lee Tergesen as Tobias Hunter

From the pen of:
R. Steven Frame


It is mid-morning on Amity Island.

Seventeen-year-old Noah Hunter stands on the docks holding the bag of outgoing mail containing all the confirmation details for the reservations made so far for The Amity Inn, an inn run by his parents during the summer months. The rest of the year the inn serves as home to him and his parents. He stands on the docks waiting for Claude to come around the bend for the daily mail pickup. As he stands there looking out at the waves crash onto the beach, a gentle breeze blows and the waves crash against the dock splashing him a little with the dew. He shivers a little as there is still a little nip in the air at this time of the year off the coast of Maine.

Finally he hears the motor running on Claude's boat, and soon sees Claude's boat coming closer. Claude blows the whistle, and he and Noah wave to one another.

When he gets close to the dock, Claude yells to Noah. "Hey Noah. How are reservations coming in?" he says as he tosses the bag of incoming mail to Noah.

At the same time Noah tosses the bag of outgoing mail to Claude and says, "Coming in slow right now, Claude."

Both men catch the bags and Claude turns the boat back toward the open ocean. Noah throws the bag over his shoulder, jumps on his scooter and heads back toward the main house.

Back at the main house Bree Hunter, already on her third glass of vodka, stands looking down at the docks and the ocean taking everything in. She watches her son Noah as he drives back up the coast to the inn.

Near her Walter Harper, the inn's only handyman, works on putting a fresh coat of paint on the outside of the inn; the inn that definitely looks as if it is in need of more than just a fresh coat of paint.

Bree yells to him that the mail is in and begins walking toward the house. As she walks by Walter, finishing off her vodka, she looks at him and says, "Stretch the paint thin Walt. There's no money for more and you have a long way to go. Just use enough to put up a good front and get us by until the end of summer."

Walt tips his head to her and says, "Yes, ma'am."

When she gets by and goes into the house, Walt says to himself. "Paints not the only thing running thin around here."

Noah arrives back at the inn, and comes running by Walter, says hi and heads into the house. He kisses his Mom.

"Mail seem any heavier today Noah?"

"It seems a little heavier Mom."

"Let's hope so or this may be the last summer The Amity Inn stays in business."

Noah watches as Bree sits the mail bag down and begins to pour herself another glass of vodka. He knows he shouldn't say anything before he even says it but he does anyway.

"Mom let me fix you something else to drink. It will be better for you."

"Noah, I think I am old enough to know what I want to drink. Why don't you get outside and see if you can help Walt with the painting. The first guests arrive in a few weeks and at the rate he is going he will be nowhere near finished."

Noah hesitates, but finally goes out the door.

Outside Walt is talking to himself, mocking Bree: "Paint it thin she says. Quality means nothing around here anymore. When old Mr. Hamilton was alive things were sure different. This house was full of elegant guests all summer long. Real guests not these paying kind she lets come around here......"

Walt is startled when he hears Noah's voice, "Grandpa was rich and we aren't, Walt! Mom and Dad are just doing what they have to do to get by."

"Sorry Noah. I didn't know you were there. I shouldn't have said anything." Walt says apologetically.

Noah just looks at him as he gets his paint brush ready. "Just get back to work Walt. We have to get this done."

They both return to painting.

Back inside the house, Bree begins to open the mail. She begins to believe it is all bills. Then she comes across an envelope and the name on the return address surprises her. She reads the name: "Chris Jorgenson"

"Wow I haven't heard that name in years. What in the world could he want?" she says to herself tearing into the envelope.

As she sits there reading, her husband Toby comes into the room. He has been on his regular morning jog. He goes past her to the bar area to pour himself a cold drink of water. "Anything interesting in the mail?"

Bree doesn't say anything at first as she continues to read.

"Finally she speaks," laughing between words, "Oh my God this is so amusing.....almost hillarious...."

"What is it?" Toby asks going over to the stack of mail and sorting through it, continuing to listen to her at the same time.

"Remember that young boy my dad hired about twenty years ago to work as a lifeguard for the island. You remember.......Chris Jorgenson don't you?"

When Toby hears the name he turns to look at his wife. "What in the world made you think of him. I haven't heard that name in almost 18 years now. Didn't you have a crush on him or something?"

"More like he had a crush on me. He tried to make it with me one night. Of course I wasn't about to do anything with a lifeguard. He was my Dad's hired hand. I have no idea what he was thinking. I'll admit he was cute, but he had no chance with me."

Toby leans against the desk holding the mail and listening to her go on and on about how she was too good for the lifeguard for a few minutes. Finally he catches a chance to speak. "So anyway what made you think of him after all these years?"

"Well listen at this. It is hillarious. Evidently the lifeguard has money now."

She begins to read from the letter.

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Hunter,

My wife, daughter and I are currently on an extended cruise up the East Coast in our new yacht. We would love to make a stop for the Summer on Amity Island.

Bree looks at Toby. "This is so hillarious. Oh the nouveau riche. Look at how he worked it in. The yacht. The extended cruise. Oh brother. It is just so hillarious isn't it."

"Just what's so hillarious Bree?" Toby asks.

"Isn't it obvious. He's heard about us, how we're wiped out and having to run this place as an Inn. He just wants to come back here and gloat. What better way for him to get back at me for spurning his advances than to see me be at his beck and call all summer. He had better think again? The day I take a tip from Chris Jorgenson will be the day I die." She turns, swallows the last of her vodka, and says, "Obviously we are turning his request down."

"For the love of God why Bree? In case you have forgotten what started out as a hobby with running this Inn is no longer that. It's not just a hobby anymore Bree, this damn Inn is our livelihood. As much as we need the money right now, why in the world would you even want to turn this down!"

"I'm sorry if I don't feel like being reminded all summer how far down I've sunk. And that is what it will be Tobias. I may not have my Father's money anymore, but I do have my pride."

Toby begins to hold up different bills. "Is your pride going to pay the god damn mortgage payment Bree? Or what about Walt's pay? Or the food bill for the summer? Or what about the bill for your damn vodka? We need the money Bree and we are accepting this. If we don't there won't be an Inn for us to even live in at the end of the summer."

Bree pours herself another glass of vodka. "It doesn't matter anyway. He's asked for accomodations we don't have? So that ends it."

Toby grabs the letter from Bree and begins reading, "Two bedrooms with a connecting sitting room. So what, we can give them our rooms upstairs."

"And where do you suppose we sleep Tobias?"

"The gardener's shack in the back is big enough for the three of us. We will be fine out there."

"The gardener's shack. The same shack that HE slept in when HE worked here. You expect me to sleep in the servant's quarters Tobias? And I thought his request was ridiculous. Ha. Yours beats even his." Bree says turning away from him.

"Listen Bree. We can make almost three hundred dollars a day for that suite. For three months that's almost $27,000 dollars Bree. As of right now Bree we are flat broke."

"I don't care Tobias. Just because we are broke doesn't mean we have to give up our dignity. I refuse to sink that low. I've given up a great deal in recent years but I won't lose my dignity."

"Dignity Bree!!! Fuck dignity. Look around Bree. This place is run down. It needs a lot of repair. The roof leaks. The garden has gone to seed which means there won't be any food to live off this winter. We don't have any one to call on for credit anymore. No one will give it to us. Our son wants to go to college this fall. I'm not about to tell him he can't. Dignity Bree. How in the world can you even think of turning down twenty seven thousand dollars for dignity. I hope your damn dignity keeps you warm this winter."

Bree turns and starts to walk away. Toby goes to her and spins her around, making her look at him. "You don't seem to realize it Bree, but we are fighting for our damn lives here. We're taking the reservation."

Bree looks at him. She starts walking toward the door defeated. "I'll tell Walt when he gets through to start moving our stuff to the gardener's shack," she quietly says.

Fade out

Announcer: Be sure to come back every Wednesday
for the next part of Reunion on Amity Island.

Hall of Fame: Genie Francis

Genie Francis
2009 Soap Opera Hall of Fame Inductee
  • Alice Dennison, Family
  • Laura Vining Webber, General Hospital
  • Patricia "Tyger" Hayes, Bare Essence
  • unknown role, Glitter
  • Jenny Bernard, Hotel
  • Melinda Jenkins, Hotel
  • Diana Colville, Days of Our Lives
  • Ceara Connor, All My Children
  • Ceara Connor, Loving
Eugenia Ann Francis, better known as Genie Francis to her fans, was born on May 26, 1962 in Englewood, New Jersey is probably daytime TV's most famous teen star ever.

Her father, Ivor Francis, a Canadian actor of English descent, was on the Gloria Monty-directed soap opera Bright Promise in the early 1970s, a few years before his daughter would work for her. He died in 1986 from the effects of multiple strokes. He played a brief role on General Hospital as an adoption counselor when his daughter was also on the show. Her mother, Rosemary Daley, is a former actress/model of Lithuanian descent. Genie is a confirmed Catholic. She has an older brother Ivor Jr., a younger brother Kenneth, and an older half-sister Shelley from her father's first marriage.

Genie met actor/director Jonathan Frakes while filming the television show, Bare Essence. After meeting again during the filming of the miniseries, North and South, Genie and Jonathan started dating in 1985. They became engaged in 1986, and married on May 28, 1988. The couple have two children, Jameson Ivor Frakes, born in 1994, and Elizabeth Francis Frakes, born in 1997. They have just recently moved from Belfast, Maine to Beverly Hills, California.

Genie's acting career started at the age of 13 with a guest appearance on the Aaron Spelling primetime series Family playing Alice Dennison, an unfriendly classmate of Kristy McNichol's Buddy Lawrence, in 1976. Even with only one professional acting credit to her name, she followed that with her most famous role, that of Laura Webber Spencer on General Hospital, a role in which fans got to watch her grow from a young teen of 14 into a young woman.

When Monty took over the producer position on the ailing show and decided that the dramatic focus should be on the younger characters, Douglas Marland wrote a daring story in which the confused, immature Laura took an older man as a lover. When her lover David Hamilton taunted Laura with the fact that it was really her mother that he loved, Laura accidentally killed him, and her mother took the rap for the murder.

Her ferocious, highly emotional performance at fifteen amazed her peers and, through word of mouth, hordes of teenagers were brought into the General Hospital audience. The highly melocramatic storyline was beautifully juxtaposed by a sweet, puppy-love romance with Scotty Baldwin (Kin Shriner). The ratings took off.

Then Pat Falken Smith, well known for her rape stories on Days of Our Lives, took over and wrote a highly ambiguous, controversial storyline in which Laura would fall in love with her rapist-seducer, Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary). The chemistry between Francis and Geary was undeniable, adn when "the powers that be" got around to calling the rap a seduction, Francis felt - and justifiably so - that her highly skilled performance as a rape victim had been negated.

The series of stories would bring her instant stardom though. A series of Luke-and-Laura-on-the-run stories would make Luke and Laura an international phenomenon and bring General Hospital unprecedented ratings. The stories sealed forever Luke and Laura as the most popular super couple in daytime history and brought them appearances on the covers of TV Guide, Us Weekly, and People magazines.

The television couple wed on November 16, 1981, with 30 million viewers tuning in to make this episode the highest-rated hour in soap opera history.

Francis was exhausted. For five years she had appeared almost daily, learing 50 pages of dialogue everyday along with her high school tudor on the set. She had no personal life at all, and felt that her whole adolescence and teenage years had been skipped. While she was in the midst of her tumultuous affair onscreen, she had not even been kissed in real life. At the peak of her success, Francis left the show in December 1982 to try her hand at primetime television and to take a brief break from the life of a soap opera actress. Her last scenes as Laura showed Laura disappearing in the fog while being trailed by a kidnapper.

Soon after, she landed a contract from CBS which included two big-budget TV movies and a series pilot. She landed the starring role in the made-for-TV movie, Bare Essence. The movie received high ratings, putting an end to the speculation that a former daytime actress could not lure a large primetime audience. When the movie was opted for a weekly series by NBC, she found herself starring in her own series. Sadly, Bare Essence, was not a success, being unable to capture the impact the movie had made, most in part due to lethargic writing that never was able to showcase the talent Francis had at all.

She decided to take time off to study and moved to New York, also hoping to launch a career on the stage. Genie had remained a fan favorite and viewers of GH wanted her back. GH offered a huge salary for thirty appearances and despite her desire to work on the stage, she agreed to come back. Fans were delighted when she returned to General Hospital on November 14, 1983. Her return was brought about to coincide with the departure of Luke when Geary decided to leave the series. During her first week on the show, the ratings jumped, adding three million viewers to the GH audience. When her limited run ended, Francis stayed true to her theater ambitions and returned to New York. She would return to General Hospital for one more brief visit in November 1984, but her work during this time was mostly on the stage and in primetime television.

She co-starred in the hit ABC miniseries, North and South (Books I and II), as the good Southern sister, Brett Main. Genie's extensive television work also included recurring appearances on Murder, She Wrote. Later she was seen in the television movie, Perry Mason and the Case of the Killer Kiss, and in Heaven and Hell, the third North and South installment.

She also was lucky in finding work on the stage where she has appeared in Crimes of the Heart and See How They Run. In 1991, Ms. Francis appeared in the Williamstown Festival Theater production of Defying Gravity. That same year, she made her New York City debut in The Baby Dance at the Lucille Lortel Theatre in Greenwich Village. She also appeared in a Comedic Curtain Raiser at Manhattan Class Company for their festival of One Acts, called "The Group."

Through the years, other daytime soaps have pursued Francis because of her tremendous popularity. She appeared on Days of our Lives as Diana Colville from 1987 to 1989 and on All My Children as con artist and incest victim Ceara Connor Hunter from 1990 to 1992. She reprised her role as Ceara on Loving in November 1991. She then returned to GH in 1993. In 1994, when Francis fell pregnant with her first child, the pregnancy was written into the show and Genie took six weeks off for maternity leave. However in early 1997 when she fell pregnant again, she took a much longer absence from the show, staying away for nearly a year and a half.

In September 2002 she abruptly left General Hospital following ABC's refusal to work out a contract she wanted.

In June 2006, Francis began negotiating with the casting directors on the show in returning to the role of Laura Webber Spencer for a limited run through November. She returned to the show with spectacular fanfare to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Luke and Laura's wedding. The magic of Luke and Laura was recaptured, and the reunion garnered the show more publicity than it had seen in years. Though she reprised the role for only one month, Francis's stint was so successful that she garnered a Daytime Emmy Nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series, which she ended up winning in June 2007. "Oh my goodness!" she said. "Thank you so much. I am overwhelmed. I've waited 31 years for this moment."

In December 2007, Francis had a starring role in the Hallmark Channel movie, The Note, which earned her critical acclaim.

Genie Francis returned to General Hospital in August 2008 to reprise her role as Laura Webber Spencer. Francis told the AP, "It's a mother-daughter story. Years ago when I started playing the character as a 14-year-old girl, it was a mother-daughter story, only I was the daughter. So it's kinda cool this is full circle. It's nice to come back for visits. General Hospital is my home." She continued, "I would stay on, but General Hospital honestly doesn't seem to want that relationship with this character at the moment," said Francis. "They want little short doses during sweeps periods. It's not entirely up to me. I'm thrilled and delighted my audience stands behind me. If they didn't, you can be sure I wouldn't get to come back for these visits." Laura's character was written off as returning to France for treatment for her illness.

Lynda Hirsch on Soaps -- Gossip


There is moving: "One Life to Live" is moving a few blocks away from its current studios. And there is moving: After 39 years in New York City, "All My Children" is heading to Los Angeles. ABC, which airs the shows, has given several reasons for the move. The network felt it needed more space. The L.A. digs will give the show twice as much room. The show is also going high definition, which is easier to do in L.A. Perhaps one of the biggest reasons is that it is easier to work with the unions in L.A. than in N.Y.C. While New York is desperate to keep productions in town, it is hard to do because of the cost. In primetime, many shows are produced in Vancouver because the American dollar is worth more over there. Yes, there still is one place where you can get a few cents more for your dollar.

In the job market, companies move all the time — many across the country, some out of the country. Just ask any autoworker. With moves, jobs are always lost. It will be the same with the moves of "AMC" and "OLTL"; cameramen, sound engineers and directors will be looking for work.

As for the actors, the folks at "OLTL" have it easier. The studio is just at a different subway stop or a farther cab ride. Not so the "AMC" thespians. They all have a major choice to make. According to Thorsten Kaye (Zach), they have been given one week to make the choice. Some of the actors can commute, but trust me, flying from New York to L.A. every week is not easy. I know; I did it for several years as a movie critic. Once a month — doable. When I had to do it every week — not so doable.

Actors are talking to real estate agents on both coasts. Buying in this market may be easy but selling not so much. Los Angeles and New York are truly two different worlds.

Nothing against L.A., but really, is life in a car? The weather may seem perfect, but getting anywhere is very imperfect. Unlike New York City, no one hangs out anywhere. Unless hanging out at the mall is one's idea of hanging out. In Manhattan, need to go somewhere? Hail a cab. Hail a cab in L.A.? A cabbie will drive by thinking you are doing some type of street performance. For some actors, the move will be good because they do not have to choose between going up for L.A. auditions and working their soap at the same time. For actors who love stage work. it is not so great. Los Angeles has two major theaters that usually produce touring company shows of major hits. In L.A., Broadway is the name of a now defunct department store. While there are some other theaters, most are small and many are in strip shopping malls.

When "AMC" moves in December, it means only two soaps will originate from New York City. Actually, only one — "As the World Turns" is produced in Brooklyn, N.Y. So that will leave "OLTL," which takes over "AMC's" old studio. Time was that every soap came from N.Y.C. ABC broke that tradition when it created "General Hospital." When the list of soaps produced in L.A. grew, a friendly rivalry started among actors on both coasts. The joke used to go: Want a great dressing room? Work on an L.A. soap. Want good acting work on one in New York? The dressing rooms are still better in L.A. The acting is now equal.

One "OLTL" performer who is officially going to be making the cross-town move is Robin Strasser (Dorian). The actress has signed a new contract. Strasser has agreed to another pay cut. Last time she signed a contract, she said she had to take 67 percent less. This time, she is not saying how much. She does say that everyone on the show has taken a pay cut, but she does not think they took the hit she did.

Lynda Hirsh on Soaps -- Q&A


Q: It took me awhile, but I have grown very fond of the actress who plays Heather on "Young and Restless." When did she begin her acting career? — Robyn, Point Clear, Ala.

A: Vail Bloom, who plays Paul's daughter, Heather, and the girlfriend of the very confused Adam, has just gone from contract to recurring. Bloom, who has a degree in architecture from Princeton University, admits she is a latecomer to acting. "I was interested in acting, but I never really thought about it as a full-time career. My parents knew I had flirted with acting. They were insistent that I get a degree in a career that was not as risky. While I was in college and working toward my degree, I did get to do a lot of theater. When I made my choice to pursue acting full time, my parents were very supportive."

Q: How is Frank Dicopoulos dealing with the cancellation of "Guiding Light?" — Rene, Pittsburgh

A: He is crushed. Having been with show for almost 24 years, he really thought he would be with the show forever. The actor told us: "Even when other acting offers were on the horizon, I always chose to stay with 'Guiding Light.' I come from a working-class family. It was important that I stay in one place with my wife and children. The show has given me that chance throughout the years.

Because of 'Guiding Light,' I was able to be involved with a variety of charities. Through the years, the show listened to my ideas and used them in the show. Not all of them — some of my ideas weren't very good. One of my ideas was great. I suggested that Frank's dad come back from the dead. I felt it was important for the character to connect with his dad. So Buzz was created. To add to the luck, Justin Deas was cast to play my dad. What an honor and what fun to work with him all these years." Until the very end, he did think the show would survive in one form or the other. "Yes, there were times that the show lost its way. In the last year, it was back to where it belonged. I know some of the stories they had for the future. It is a shame the viewers are not going to get to see them."

Q: I am going crazy. Where have I seen the actor who is playing Mason on "As the World Turns"? — Janet, Toronto

A: Forbes March played Scott on "All My Children" several years back. He also played the tragic Nash on "One Life to Live." Nash, the one-time love of Jessica's life, died while having an argument with Jared. His current character, Mason, may create trouble for Noah and Luke. It appears that Mason, who is Noah's college adviser, plans to give his protege advice in his private life.

Soap Summaries: Week of August 2 through the 7th


ALL MY CHILDREN: Jake and Amanda put their plan in motion by convincing David that Amanda can't have any more children. Amanda and Jake look forward to being a family once they "adopt" a baby and are able to bring Trevor home. Tad, Taylor and Amanda come clean with Opal after she spots baby Trevor at the house. Opal agrees everyone did the right thing in keeping David away from the baby but thinks Jake's plan has flaws. Taylor realizes that Krystal still loves Tad, but Krystal states she just wants him to be happy. After asking Scott to move into the mansion, Adam proposes to Annie. JR struggles to contain his anger and disgust when Adam announces Annie agreed to marry him. In front of Liza and Jesse, Kendall unburdens herself by confessing to having killed Stuart in a taped statement. Stuart's ghost appears in front of Kendall, telling her they can all be at peace. Zach gives an impassioned plea for leniency at Kendall's sentencing hearing. Scott also makes a statement at the hearing, invoking Stuart's memory as he tells the judge his father wasn't a vindictive man. At Annie's urging, Adam asks the judge to go easy on Kendall. Marian lays into Kendall and wants her to pay dearly for killing Stuart. Marissa is the unintended victim of Marian's quest for revenge against Kendall. Liza's heart breaks for Marian as she's led off to a psychiatric facility. Colby makes it perfectly clear she wants nothing to do with either Annie or Adam.

SNEAK PEEK: Liza rejects David.

AS THE WORLD TURNS: Damian offers Meg a consulting job. Meg and Lily shoot insults at each other over their love lives. Accepting the job, Meg falls into Damian's arms. Barbara's upset when she discovers Paul's been giving his fortune away — specifically, she's horrified that he would finance Emily's new paper. Paul invites Emily and Hunter to work on the paper from Fairwinds and to move in. Paul and Emily wake up in each other's arms. When Emily takes off for work, Paul is greeted by two men in white coats. Paul quickly learns that Barbara has had him committed for his strange behavior and is taken to the hospital. Emily sneaks Paul out of the hospital in a dog crate. Paul, hiding in the Fairwinds wine cellar, discovers James' old wine-tasting journal. Henry looks through Audrey's suitcase to find an envelope with obituaries and a journal entry that mentions the name Jay Stanhope. Henry becomes convinced his mother is a serial killer. Jay and Audrey are in cahoots. When Teri turns him down, Brad asks Janet to work on "Oakdale Now." Alison tells Casey she's concerned about Bob, and thinks he's having occasional memory loss. Bob instructs Alison to administer a specific dosage of a medication to Riley, which turns out to be too high. Unaware that Riley is really Adam, Tom asks him to move out.

SNEAK PEAK: A baby is missing.

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL: Still in shock from Brooke's appearance and her explanation of the recent events that took place, Ridge is torn about how to handle the situation. Stephanie and Donna go head to head when they each take opposite sides on Ridge's choices. Ridge takes the blame for the fiasco at his and Taylor's wedding. Stephanie confronts Brooke about the scene she had caused at the beach house, while Brooke has a few harsh words in return. Brooke returns from her leave of absence in order to begin a new chapter in her life. Taylor attempts to stay confident that Ridge will not succumb to Brooke's persuasiveness now that they are working together. Katie comes up with a new publicity campaign that she feels will save Forrester Creations. Unfortunately, Eric will have to make a few substantial sacrifices to proceed with the campaign, allowing Donna to become an object of male desire. Owen becomes territorial with Jackie when he notices some chemistry between her and Whip.

SNEAK PEAK: Bill is up to no good.

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Daniel tells Lucas when Chloe wakes up, she and Daniel will be together. Lucas is unable to forgive Chloe. Victor pays Daniel's sky-high bail and tells Daniel why he thinks Kate tried to kill Chloe. Chloe has a slight beep of brain function as she whispers "Daniel." Arianna completes a drug deal with Troy. Philip learns one of his men has been shot. Bo and Philip go to the hospital where Carlo dies. Stephanie tells Philip he is not a bad man. Stephanie tells Roman she was right to break up with Philip but misses being in love. Roman assures her the right man is out there; she just has to let him in. Stephanie decides to give Nathan a chance, unaware that he is interested in Melanie.

EJ visits Grace's grave for the first time on her and Sydney's 6-month birthday and is infuriated when he sees the name "Brady" on her headstone. Nicole watches unseen as EJ smashes the old headstone and damns Sami. Chad and Kinsey reset their plan to break up Will and Mia, while Will confides in Mia he's upset about Chloe cheating on his father. Mia painfully admits to Will she's not a virgin and that Chad was her first lover. Will professes his love for her.

SNEAK PEAK: Sami and Rafe call it quits.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Jason and Sam easily fall back into their comfortable, familiar pattern as they head south in their search for Michael and Kristina. Kristina remains consumed with guilt as she and Michael make their way to the Mexican border. Jerry informs Claudia he has no intention of calling off his search for Michael because he wants to use the boy as bait to get to Jason. Jerry comes to Michael and Kristina's rescue. Sam closes in on Michael and Kristina. Jax supports Carly's decision to have Michael move back in with them once he comes home. Sonny tells Claudia he wants her to come home. Dominic is shocked when he walks in on Olivia and Johnny in a compromising position. Alexis is arrested for the murder of Brianna Hughes. Robin sets out to prove her innocence. Ethan tells Rebecca he needs her in his life but she rebuffs his advances, stating she wants to see where things might lead with Nikolas. Spinelli shows up at the Scorpio family dinner to ask Mac for Maxie's hand in marriage.

NEXT WEEK: Maxie says yes.

GUIDING LIGHT: Phillip reveals to Alan that the owner of the cafe they've arrived at is the widow of the man who took his place in Vietnam. Alan goes into the diner and tells the man's son he knew his father. Phillip tells Alan he has a progressive and incurable disease. Phillip tells Ed that if he can't help him, he'll find help somewhere else. Shayne and Dinah wed. Dinah tells Mallet he can't turn Marina in because Dinah is the one who killed the man. Mallet warns Dinah that Frank knows she's the killer and says she's not safe. Dinah stops Shayne from planning the spontaneous honeymoon and admits the cops are after her because she killed the man she thought was Edmund. In the woods, Jeffrey, feverish and weak, talks to Reva's photo to keep himself going. Jeffrey collapses just before reaching a remote cabin. A man walks over to Jeffrey's lifeless body — it's Jonathan. Jeffrey comes to and warns Jonathan that Edmund wants to destroy everyone Reva loves. He explains that he needs to let Edmund think he's dead so he can get an advantage on him. Jeffrey tells Jonathan that he's doing a good job with Sarah. Jonathan gets a menacing call from Edmund.

SNEAK PEAKS: Edmund strikes.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Rex warns Schuyler to stay away from Gigi. Gigi offers Stacy money to get an abortion. Stacy accuses Gigi of being afraid that Rex will end up leaving her once the baby is born. Alone, Stacy collapses in pain after her and Gigi's heated confrontation. Realizing the baby is the only chance she has to hold onto Rex, Stacy decides not to tell him she suffered a miscarriage. Rex is furious when Gigi confesses she offered Stacy money to have an abortion. The tension mounts between Rex and Gigi when he admits he won't abandon his child, but they eventually end up in each other's arms, resolved to the fact they have a long road ahead of them. In front of Blair, Todd declares that he wants to be with Tea and only Tea. Nora locks eyes with Bo while sharing a last dance with Clint. Viki's thrown for a loop when Charlie suggests expanding their family. Asher and his boss, Serge, surprise Cole in his apartment. Serge plants a listening device in the apartment. John later tells Starr that she and Cole can't see or talk to each other until this assignment is completed. Layla defends Fish when Cristian wonders if he's gay.

SNEAK PEAK: Blair searches for Tea's secret.

YOUNG AND RESTLESS: Ashley tells Victor to give her some space because she needs to work out how he could be so cruel to her and her family and then say it was for her benefit. Paul is crushed when Nikki says she cannot marry him. Nikki admits to Victor that she is still in love with him; that he is the only man she has ever truly loved. Alone, Victor admits that he does still love Nikki. While waiting in the road at the ranch in the rain, Nikki is a deer in the headlights as Ashley's car comes barreling down the road and skids off the road. Adam admits to Heather he had a one-night stand with Rafe. Mary Jane is stricken when she realizes that Zapato ate her stuffed cat. Mary Jane drugs Jack's drink. Drunk and delirious, Jack makes love to Mary Jane, who he believes is Sharon. Daniel tells Amber that the reason they are breaking isn't because she slept with Deacon but because he can't take her constant lying. Billy tells Chloe that he can never forgive Jill for choosing Cane, a con artist, over him, her own son. Kay tells Jill that spoke to Billy on her behalf and asked him to forgive her. Kay also admits that she should have forgiven Jill years ago for everything that happened with Phillip because the truth was that her relationship with him was never as strong as Kay believed. Sharon is arrested for grand theft after she steals a ring that is identical to the one Nick gave to Phyllis.

SNEAK PEAK: A death in the family occurs.

Here's a switch: EJ wising up on 'Days of Our Lives'

Source: New York Daily News

Here's a switch: EJ wising up on 'Days of Our Lives'

By Carolyn Hinsey
Daily News Staff Writer, Friday, August 7th 2009, 5:43 AM

Friday, August 7, 2009

The Men of Sunset Beach

The Men of Sunset Beach

Pictured Top Picture:
Timothy Adams, Clive Robertson, Jason George, & Eddie Cibrian

Pictured Middle Photo:
Timothy Adams, Nick Stabile, Clive Robertson, & Hank Cheyne

Pictured Bottom Photo:
Timothy Adams, Hank Cheyne, Dax Griffin & Jason George

Even More Fan Art

Even More Fan Art

More banners I created for the website Daytime Royalty when I was an administrator there.

Hall of Fame: Eileen Fulton

Eileen Fulton
2009 Soap Opera Hall of Fame Inductee
  • Lisa Miller, As The World Turns
  • Lisa Miller Hughes, Our Private World
Television's most famous villianess and the most popular soap star of the 1960s, Eileen Fulton was born Margaret Elizabeth McLarty on September 13, 1933 in Asheville, North Carolina; the daughter of a Methodist minister. Her father was a descendant of a long line of clergymen.

She majored in music and minored in dramatics at Greensboro College in North Carolina and made her professional debut in The Lost Colony, an annual presentation at Manteo, NC. While at Greensboro College, she received a Best Actress award for her performances in the productions of Candide and Thurber's Thirteen Clocks. In 1956, she moved to New York and studied at the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theater. She came to New York with a two-fold goal: to make it as a singer and an actress.

While studying her craft, Fulton worked at Macy's, selling hats and occasionally modeling for photos used to illustrate the stories in True Confessions magazine. After a few small theater gigs and a co-starring role opposite Anne Francis in the 1960 film Girl of the Night where she played a girl named Lisa, she fell into the role with which she would forever be identified.

Fulton had auditioned for a part on the CBS soap opera The Brighter Day (ironically as a minister's daughter), but producers thought she would be better cast as Bob Hughes' social-climbing girlfriend on As The World Turns. The role was originally supposed to be temporary, but William J. Bell and Irna Phillips became intrigued by the charm and energy Fulton brought to the role, and began to develop the character. She has now played Lisa almost continually (with two notable interruptions) since May 18, 1960, almost 50 years; pretty impressive for a role that was originally intended to be temporary.

When the devious Lisa had Bob Hughes (Don Hastings) and his family under her thumb, outraged mail poured into CBS. By the time Lisa had taken up with shoe salesman Bruce Elliott (James Pritchett), Fulton had to hire a security guard to protect her from the overenthusiastic, sometimes violent fans as she made her way to the studio.

The character of Lisa has been put through some wild situations -- over three dozen lovers, married eight times, divorced three times, widowed four times (with her most recent marriage annulled), murder trials, rapes, amnesia, a Mexican mudslide, a phantom fetus. Through it all fans have always been transfixed by Fulton's refreshing originality, enormous vitality, and her flamboyant comedy style as she brings Lisa Miller Hughes Eldridge Shea Colman McColl Mitchell Grimaldi Chedwyn to life on their screens.

Fulton's portrayal of Lisa created the strongest prototype of its time for the daytime vixen; the character and actress were, in Fulton's first decades on As the World Turns, very popular (to the point where, in the late 1960s, Fulton had to hire a publicist, the first soap actress to do so). Her popularity earned her the title of daytime TV's most hated woman for a number of yeras, and when Daytime TV magazine debuted it's Reader's Poll in April 1970, she graced the poll as it's first ever Best Actress. She would go on to place in the Top 10 in the poll 58 times during the first 80 polls conducted and recorded by the magazine. Her last appearance in the top 10 was in 1977.

Among her fans through the years have been the famous such as Van Cliburn, Renata Tabaldi and Bette Davis who called Fulton "absolutely the most chic, best looking put-together woman I've ever seen."

Despite her popularity, Fulton's run has not been without controversy. During the late 1960s, after her onscreen son was SORASed from age 12 to 19, Fulton was noted for insisting it be written into her contract that her character could not become a grandmother, as she feared it would impede the glamorous, fast-paced storylines in which she was involved at the time. As a result, the actress received enormous amounts of "hate mail" when Lisa's onscreen daughter-in-law, Margo, had a miscarriage in 1986. (It is unclear whether the "granny clause", as it became known, was still in effect at the time.) Now in her seventies, Fulton no longer has the "granny clause" in her contract; her character has two sons -- a third son died a number of years ago -- and four grandchildren.

She left the show three times - first in 1963 to focus more on her stage career when she was replaced in the role of Lisa by actress Pamela King; in 1965 to bring her Lisa character to her own prime time soap spin-off, Our Private World (CBS's attempt to mimic the success of ABC's Peyton Place). On Our Private World, Lisa was written as a variation on the Bette Davis character in Beyond the Forest, a girl who pined for fun and freedom in Chicago. Our Private World lasted only thru the summer. Fulton returned to As The World Turns for ten weeks to wrap up the storylines begun on Our Private World. She then took a year off from the show to sing in various nightclubs and returned to the soap on January 16, 1967 as a new and glamorous Lisa. She left again in 1983 after a contract dispute with executive producer Mary-Ellis Bunim. In a burst of publicity, Fulton again returned to Oakdale in teh summer of 1984 as Lisa discovered the body of her fifth husband, Whit McColl, thus setting off another season of murder, mystery, and melodrama. During Fulton's 1983-1984 absence, the role of Lisa was played by Betsy von Furstenberg. The following actresses played the part during Fulton's temporary leaves: Lynn Rogers (1977-1978), Jane Powell (1991, 1993, and 1994), Maeve McGuire (1992) and Carmen Duncan (2004).

Although the character of Lisa is still appearing on the show, Fulton has been vocal about her displeasure at not being more prominently featured. Fulton was prominently featured in April 2006 during the show's 50th anniversary episode, and from January 2008 to August 2008, was roughly seen in at least two episodes per week. Her appearances have dropped off since then but she recently signed a new two year contract that will run through her 50th year on the show, 2010.

While working on ATWT, Fulton has remained very busy offscreen as well. Among other things, including the Broadway productions of The Fantasticks and Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? opposite her ATWT co-star Henderson Forsythe, Fulton has written two memoirs, How My World Turns and As My World Still Turns. She also wrote a mystery novel, called Soap Opera, loosely based on her experiences on As the World Turns as well as a series of six murder mystery novels including Take One for Murder about a soap opera star "Nina" and her detective boyfriend "Dino." Fulton is a talented cabaret singer and has sung in many top nightclubs around the country and starred in several one-woman shows.

She is an active supporter of many charities such as UNICEF, March of Dimes, Cerebal Palsy, Lupus Foundation, and Martha's Table, which benefits poor and homeless mothers and children. She has established a musical scholarship in her father's name at Brevarad College in North Carolina, and a Fine Arts Scholarship in her & her mother's names at their alma mater, Greensboro. She is also a women's right's advocate.

Fulton is a 1955 graduate of Greensboro College and was granted an honorary doctorate in 2005, on the 50h anniversary of her college graduation. She was the commencement speaker at Greensboro's graduation ceremony in 2005.

For her work on As The World Turns, she received one Daytime Emmy nomination for Supporting Actress in 1988. She also received the Lifetime Achivement Award from the Daytime Emmys in 2004. She was nominated twice for the Soap Opera Digest Awards: for Outstanding Lead Actress in 1996; and for Outstanding Contribution by an Actor/Actress to the Form of Continuing Drama who is currently on a Daytime Serial in 1986. In 1991, Soap Opera Digest awarded her with the Editor's Award.

She currently resides in Manhattan.